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Spanish Language Immersion Course for Priests and Seminarians - Mexico City - June 11-July 28, 2012
Curso de Hispanidad. An intensive Spanish language immersion course for North American priests and seminarians.



Curso de Hispanidad

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A Spanish Language Immersion Course for Priests and Seminarians

Our mission is to support bishops in North America, by helping to provide their clergy with an integral communicative-pastoral proficiency for ministry to Hispanics.

What: A seven-week immersion experience of HIspanic language and culture.

For whom: For North American priests and seminarians.

Where: Mexico
Residence: Casa de Retiro San José, Tlalpan District, Mexico City
Classes: Anáhuac University South Campus, Mexico City

When: June 11 (arrival) - July 28, 2012 (departure)
*Shorter experiences are available*

Cost: (subject to change)
Full program $4,100
Classes only $1,800

$300 early-bird discount before February 29, 2012

Cost includes classes and materials, room and board, transportation, and group excursions. Airfare not included.

Sponsored by Sacerdos Institute together with the International Culture Center of Mexico City´s Anáhuac University.

Curso de Hispanidad 2012 booklet

The Curso de Hispanidad pursues two goals:

The Curso responds to the growing needs for priests who can pastorally connect with their Hispanic communities. The Curso provides the necessary tools:effective communication in Spanish, familiarity with Latino culture, and clarity in how to integrate the potential of Hispanic faith at the parish level. Every activity in the course is oriented to this goal, so that even times of rest, meals, and outings are opportunities for learning and practicing Spanish.

The Curso seeks to offer a program rich in priestly spirituality. The day is framed by the celebration of the Eucharist and community vespers. Fraternity, personal and community prayer and sport opportunities are designed to make this summer experience a true time of rest and renewal.

Professional Spanish Instruction
•Instruction is grounded on a functional-notional approach to Spanish language acquisition.

•Two tracks are available:

♦A beginner track focuses on listening and speaking confidence and skills for pastoral tasks.

♦An intermediate track boosts depth and breadth of communication, increasing vocabulary, precision and idiomatic expression.

•Classes and tutorials include a total of five hours a day, five days a week at Mexico City´s Anáhuac University.

•Complementary language-learning activities include: readings, listening tapes, documentaries, news analysis, music and films.

•Regular individual evaluation and feedback with participants ensures meeting personal goals.

Priestly Spirituality
•Every day includes the Eucharist, community vespers, and time for personal prayer during Eucharistic adoration.

•We seek to create an environment of fraternity, respect, and love for the priesthood.

•The times set apart for rest, sports and getting to know Mexico City are an opportunity to make the summer a time of renewal for the upcoming year.

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