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Holy Land Priestly Renewal

The course takes place in Jerusalem at the Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame and is achieved through an organized program following in the footsteps of the life of Christ and the Gospels.
This is the ideal environment in which the priest, called to the act of supernatural love, absolutely free, learn to love the Church as Christ has loved her, consecrating to her all his energies and giving himself with pastoral charity to give daily his own life (Directory, # 14).
The course, organized twice a year, lasts three weeks and includes over to stay in Jerusalem, three days of spiritual exercises and four pilgrimage to Galilee.
The intent is to provide the opportunity for priests to live an experience of profound spirituality of communion, sharing and prayer. The program is rich and well-articulated: guided tours, lectures, renewal of baptismal promises and the priesthood, daily Eucharistic adoration, ecumenical and interreligious meetings and especially the opportunity to live in the places of Christ’s life.

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Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation Course

The course on exorcism and prayer of liberation is a proposal offered to the bishops for the formation of priests who will be entrusted with this task. For the participants, as well as being an aid to the understanding of the theoretical and practical implications of this ecclesial service offers training elements to live pastoral charity with mercy in the “difficult and uncertain ways of the conversion of sinners, to which he will exercise the gift of truth and the patient and encouraging benevolence of the Good Shepherd, who does not reprove the lost sheep, but carries it on his shoulders and celebrates for its return to the fold “(Directory, 41). To achieve this, during the 5-day intensive course will involve matters concerning the anthropological, phenomenological, social aspects biblical, theological, pastoral and spiritual, liturgical and canonical aspects, finally the legal aspects medical and psychological. The course takes place at the university Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

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Seminary Formators Course

The course assists diocesan bishops in the preparation and updating of those who dedicate themselves to the formation of future priests, so that they can carry out their mission of preaching the Good News to all people with a need for authenticity and accordance with the faith of the Church, guardian of the truth about God and man (cf.. Directory for the Life and Ministry of Priests, n. 62). The course is based on the doctrine of Pastores Dabo Vobis, on pastoral Evangelii Gaudium, and the new Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests. The course takes place during the month of July in the Mater Ecclesiae Pontifical Institute in Rome.

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About Us

Sacerdos Institute is an international center for the spiritual, theological and pastoral ongoing formation of the priests

Affiliated with the Pontifical Athaneum Regina Apostolorum

Our Team

Fr. Pedro Barrajón, LC

Director of Sacerdos Institute
Professor of Faculty of Theology, Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum of Rome. Former Rector of Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum.

Fr. Alex Yeung, LC

Academic Director

Dean and professor of Faculty of Philosophy, Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum. Former director of Sacerdos Institute for Priestly Life and Ministry (USA), 2003-2012. He is also Spiritual Director for the Legionaries of Christ, Center for Higher Studies.

Maria Chiara Petrosillo

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